Connecting proven skill with smart capital

Kings Gate Capital Partners is a leading boutique capital raising and fund marketing firm. We connect global and domestic best-in-class fund managers with allocators and influencers of capital in Australia, New Zealand and the broader APAC region.

Kings Gate Capital Partners is the capital raising arm of Reservoir Investment Management Pty Ltd ABN: 83 662 195 842

We Position Our Fund Manager Partners for Success

Selective and thoughtful positioning of our partners with asset allocators
Committed to a long-term alignment of interest
Build and nurture our partner's brand with on-going presence and marketing footprint
APAC focused team of proactive, experienced & proven capital-raisers

Why Allocators of Capital Listen and Engage With Us

Our investment partners and their strategies have been vetted by our advisory board of experienced CIO’s, sector specialists, superannuation & pension Fund investment professionals, asset consultants, top-tier private wealth firms and family offices

We democratise access to best-in-class managers that are typically accessible to only the large and sophisticated pension / superannuation, SWF’s, endowment & foundation funds.

Our commitment to invest alongside those who allocate to our investment management partners.

We Unlock Multi-Channel Opportunities

The burgeoning, yet fragmented Private Wealth sector, coupled with the Pension Fund landscape provides the bedrock of the Australian opportunity. With double digit legislated growth, the market is poised for continuous growth with total Superannuation / Pension assets expected to surpass $9 trillion within the next two decades, making it the second largest pool of contestable assets in the world, second only to the US*

$2.0 trillion#
  • Pension / Superannuation Funds, Insurance, E&F's
  • Sophisticated, looking for new sources of alpha
  • Long-term investors
Top-Tier Private Wealth Firms
~$900 billion
  • Private Wealth e.g. LGT Crestone, JB Were
  • Private Banks e.g. CBA Pivate
  • HNWI (advised and direct)
  • Intergenerational Wealth Transfer ~$3.5 trillion
Family Offices
$500+ billion
  • 700+ across Aus & NZ
  • 1500+ Singapore
  • Seeking innovative and benchmark aware
  • Deep loyalty and relationship driven
Asset Consultants
  • 75+ across Aus & NZ
  • Large an growing boutique consultants
  • Includes consultative and asset allocators
  • Increasingly sophisticated
* Deloitte's Dynamics of the Australian Superannuation System Report
# ASFA Superannuation Statistics May 2023
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Our Active Advisory Board and Strategic Partner Advantage

Global networks

Access new and innovative managers and asset allocators

Investment Expertise

Due Diligence to identify persistent manager skill via our research and Two-Sigma Venn process

Asset Allocator Experience

Thoughtfully position strategies with investors

Active Market Participants

Widen the view of investment trends and innovative solutions

Peter Mitchell
Managing Partner
Peter is Founder and Managing Partner of Kings Gate Capital Partners and KGCP International...
Sean Scallan
Managing Partner
Sean has over 15 years' experience in the financial services industry including private equity, consulting, financial advice as well...
Alex Keen
Distribution Director
Alex has over 17 years of experience in the financial services industry within Australia...
Rajiv Manoharan
Distribution Director
Rajiv has 20 years of industry experience and has held senior positions at...
Max Toovey
Distribution Director
Max Toovey is the Founder and Managing Director of Marlborough Capital, a...
Graeme Bibby
Advisory Board Member
Graeme Bibby is an Advisory Board Member of Kings Gate Capital Partners...
Dr Rania Azmi, Ph.D
Advisory Board Member
Founder of “Alexandrite Decisions” and president of “Fadia Survive & Thrive” with...
Keith Drewery
Advisory Board Member
Keith is an Advisory Board Member of Kingsgate Capital Partners with over 30...
Andrew Johnston
Managing Partner
Andrew has over 20 years experience in financial markets from time with NAB...
Mark Levinson
Advisory Board Member
Mark is an Advisory Board Member of Kingsgate Capital Partners and is a...
Nathan Peters
Advisory Board Member
Nathan is an Advisory Board Member of Kings Gate Capital Partners and has over...
Joanne Saleeba
Specialist Adviser - ESG and Impact
Joanne is an expert panel member at Kings Gate Capital Partners with has over...
Ben Somers
Advisory Board Member
Ben has over 25 years of experience in business development, debt capital...
Peter Duyvestyn
Chief Marketing Officer
Peter has over 20 years’ experience leading and driving the marketing strategy..

How We Engage With Fund Manager Partners

Plan & Implement
Targeted Distribution
Targeted Marketing
Engage Our Advisory Board
Feedback and insights on team and strategy
How to best position the strategy and firm
Work closely with your team
To deliver effective pitches
Promote your brand
Utilise their time effectively
Review & Focus
Regular feedback on activity and results
Adjust to navigate market dynamics and regulation

Why Our Fund Managers Partner With Us

Develop bespoke sales and marketing strategies to position our partner firms' capabilities

Build and nurture our partner firms' brands through our presence in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Singapore

Proven track record of raising capital across Institutional, Private Wealth & Family Offices

Detailed and process driven reporting on an ever-evolving decision making and investment landscape

Diversify our partner firms' investor base across client segments and geographies

Committed to re-investing back into our partner funds to solidify long-term alignment

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