Building our Partners business with Trust, Transparency and Collaboration. 

Who We Are

Kings Gate Capital Partners was created in response to the growing and complex needs of investment managers, both on and offshore wanting to raise capital by accessing the large and fast growing Superannuation and Advisory Markets of Australia and New Zealand.

Our Approach  

Our selective and singular approach to managers and unique distribution model ensures fund managers and investors are brought together in a well – considered and cohesive strategy.

To thoroughly understand a managers competitive advantages and distinctive skill sets and how they solve an Investors needs and interests. Through multi – channel expertise combined with deep relationships and access at all levels, we will provide managers with effective outsourcing of their business development, marketing and strategic fund raising efforts.

With over 75 years of Industry Experience combined with the Entrepreneurial Energy of a new firm. 


Industry Strength and Entrepreneurial Energy. 

Investment managers have typically wrestled with understanding the costs and access points within the Australia and New Zealand markets and more broadly, the region. Understanding the strategy needed to maximise the opportunity and the capital required to maintain momentum and presence as well as the cost versus reward potential for each investor channel is not always clear and often difficult and time consuming.

This is why our entire team, from the Advisory Board to the Distribution Team are focused on bringing General and Limited Partners together in a strategic manner defined by one guiding principle “Through Our Access, We drive value with every action”

Driven by a shared set of beliefs.

We will partner with managers dedicated to raising assets by helping them achieve their investment and financial priorities. We focus on meeting our investor’s expectations and purpose for allocating.

Our vision is to form longstanding partnerships with Fund Management firms where our passion, integrity, knowledge and interests are aligned and our shared values are built on transparency, trust and cultural collaboration.

Making an Impact across the Globe

Through constant regulatory change, merger/or acquisition activity there has become three distinct sources of independent capital in Australia: Institutional, Wholesale and Retail Advised.

The Large Australian and New Zealand Superannuation (Pension) funds are globally significant with approximately 40 funds with assets of more than $15 billion and 15 with more than $40 billion. The Middle Market ( UHNW Advisory) is a large and growing part of the market and a dominant force within the marketplace with double digit expected growth rates.

Industry consolidation on one hand and industry disaggregation on the other is dramatically transforming the Superannuation and Advice landscape, meaning: Where there is change there will be opportunity

The current size of the Australian investable asset pool is approximately $2.9 Trillion, representing the world’s 4th largest and fastest growing market  – combine this with guaranteed inflows and capital growth, this is expected to be in excess of $10 trillion by 2033, making it the second largest pool of Pension assets globally.



If you are considering engaging in the region, Kings Gate Capital Partners would be pleased to provide you with our regional introduction pack or if a deeper appraisal is sought, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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